Ebony and Ivory Make Harmony?

freeimage-8156825-web  I don’t trust white people in trench coats. Not entirely sure why, but they make me nervous. Even though I’m a white guy and do wear one on occasion, I can’t help but feel that way.

We all have judgments when it comes to different races, and sometimes even our own race. Stereotypes and limited observations lead to these judgments and sometimes even prejudicial thoughts and actions.

Many stereotypes are widely known yet make little sense. Like the stereotype that black people love fried chicken. It’s ridiculous to attribute the love of fried chicken to one race, because really, who doesn’t love fried chicken? I don’t know one white person who would turn down a flaky drumstick.

Even though people are becoming more accepting and tolerant of each other, especially in Southern California, where many of us have grown up in ethnically diverse neighborhoods, there is still a stigma attached to interracial dating.

I have white friends who point out a beautiful woman but won’t ask he out because she’s black.

There’s an Asian girl at my job who likes a Mexican guy but won’t date him because she knows her parents won’t approve.

I even have a black friend who refuses to date black women because he claims they all have too much baggage. It’s almost as if he doesn’t know that white people have just as many crazy women.

My first serious girlfriend was an Ethiopian Woman. We were always surprised by the looks we got whenever we were in public holding  hands. To us, the racial difference was nothing, but we quickly find out that not everyone feels that way.

Not only did we get looks from strangers, some of my family members didn’t approve. An uncle told me it was fine to date her but no have children together. Even my loving, elderly grandmother looked at her like she was the help.

I could have let disapproving attitudes from narrow-minded people stop me from being with her. But had I given in, I would have never dated such a wonderful person.

Even though stereotypes and racial prejudice are completely ridiculous, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any differences among races and cultures.

However, instead of simply judging and dismissing each other, we should embrace our differences.

This is especially true when it comes to love. Why limit yourself because of racism.

Because really, love is sacred and that leaves no room for ignorance. Love should be free of prejudice. After all, when the lights are out we’re all the same color.