About Alex Shootz

Hey there! Welcome to my website! I have been performing stand-up comedy for seven years. As a professional comedian, I have traveled the country gracing stages in El Paso, Texas, Amarillo, Texas, Utah, Arizona and, among others, New Mexico.

I am a veteran of performing on comedy fundraisers as well as performing in major comedy clubs such as The Comic Strip in El Paso, The Pechanga Casino, Aces Comedy Club in Temecula, The Irvine Improv, The Brea Improv, The Comedy Store and the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

So I’m a comedian with lots of stuff to pontificate on. I have a bachelors degree I completely ignore, choosing instead to entertain mostly drunk people with a high energy style and solidly crafted jokes. I once even got a sitting ovation!

Also, I have a blog page where you will find deep, philosophical type musings on life such as, “Where the f*@k do all my socks go?!” and why men and women can’t be friends as well as why everyone should try interracial dating at least once.

So sit back, enjoy and try not to write the incredibly evil comments that are so dam prevalent on the world wide interweb.

-Alex Shootz


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